Showroom for Vietnamese traditional musical instruments

As we all know, traditional musical instruments of the ethnic groups reflect spiritual culture of their people. Hence, they must be preserved. The Institute's showroom for Vietnamese musical instruments came into being in 1998. For the time being, the showroom exhibits more than 150 musical instruments, including four instrumental families i.e. membranophone, idiophone, airophone, and chordophone of various branches.

Each instrument in the showroom is introduced in printed forms of description, audio and visual recordings. Especially, the showroom also displays many ancient musical instruments such as lithophone, bronze drum, big - size drum with surfaces covered with elephant skin of Ede ethnic group, set of gongs, and so on.

In addition to the visual education, displayed objects and musical instruments are lively demonstrated. Thanks to that, visitors not only can experience first - hand all aspects of musical instruments and exhibits, but also can enjoy live performance of showroom staff on original repertoires of traditional and folk music and songs with traditional repertoires of traditional and folk music and songs with traditional performing style.

Since its inauguration, the Showroom has received a great deal of domestic and foreign visitors, Although the figure of 100 visitors for the first six months of 2000 is not much, the comments that visitors jotted down more or less has shown their pleasures, through with, the usefulness, attractiveness and necessity of the showroom have been proved. 

The following are some comments of the visitors after they experienced the showroom: 

- "I admire the work of the Institute. Preservation of traditional culture is very important. Indeed critical bravo to all the staff and to your directors for their dedication" (Judy Mitoma - Prof. Director of Center for performance and cultural exchange, California University, Los Angeles, International Cultural and Art Department). 

- "I am proud that Vietnamese gave a precious treasure of folk music traditions. I wish that the efforts of the Musicology Institute would be far - reaching known by means of programs featuring traditional music of Vietnam" (Doan Thi Minh Chau).

Presently, the Musicology Institute is trying its best to keep enriching the showroom with more traditional musical instruments, more audio and video recordings, as well as repertoires of performances. Especially, the Institute is carrying out archiving all data about traditional instruments in computer, so as the visitors can easily search for what they want.

* The open time : 
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