Tuong orchestra

Monday, January 19, 2015 1:03:52 PM

Tuong Orchestra is the orchestra of Tuong stage - a kind of traditional court performing art of Vietnam. Tuong stage derives from Xi Ju opera of China which entered Vietnam in Thien Bao’s years (1279-1284) in the Tran dynasty and, they were gradually Vietnamized from performing, singing to the orchestra to become traditional stage of Vietnam with creativities full of native characteristics.

Tuong stage with tragedy plays shows heroic roles of loyal sentiments thought. Therefore, art forms supporting it must be suitable with violence and strained nature. So, the Tuong orchestra is a gathering of musical instruments with many different intensities. The orchestra consists of following musical instruments:

Three reeds (high, middle, bass) called oboe, two two-stringed fiddle Nhi, one small cello, one big drum, one chien drum, one cymbals, one gong, one bell and one temple block.

Three key musical instruments, which are the characteristic of Tuong stage, are oboe, two-stringed fiddle Nhi and Chien drum. Chien drum is musical soul of Tuong stage.

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