Sac Bua orchestra of the Viet people

Saturday, January 10, 2015 8:19:19 PM

In the old days on the New Year’s Eve (30th December according to lunar calendar), the darkest night in the year, every family closed the door and drew lime all of the yard to chase evil spirits. At the midnight of this day, Bua Company blew wind instrument, played drum and went to each house to ask for singing and dancing to chase evil spirits and exorcise phantoms to keep the land peacefully. In the morning of the 1st, every family welcomed the spring and the Bua Company again to sing, bless and celebrate spring.

Bua Company, an art organization, includes a leader, dancing performers and music performers. The number of the performers could be many or few depending on each locality, ability of the art organization and creation of the leader.

To serve the process of art performance, Bua Company has an orchestra including one reeds, one two-stringed fiddle Nhi and percussion instruments including Rice drum, small drum, castanets senh, coin clappers sinh tien. They are easy for travelling. The orchestra is performed on the way, accompanies the leader in blessing singing and dances, such as

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