Robam stage Orchestra

Saturday, January 10, 2015 7:59:34 PM

Robam stage Orchestra of the Khome ethnic group of the South consists of two musical instrument families: wind musical instruments and percussion. Wind musical instrument includes Scolai wind instrument or Payo wind instrument or Paye; percussion includes Scor Chot drum, Cuong (gong), Crap (cymbals). These instruments have large sound intensity, high dramatics suitable with the performing way of Robam stage - a kind of stage for the performance of story by dancing and singing with characters’ luxurious costumes. Most of the performing plays are based on folk stories or Indian historical or legendary books. The characters in the story are always divided into two sides clearly: just side and unjust side. The just character side consists of Princes and Queens and when performing they don’t need to wear a mask. The unjust character side includes cruel devils and when performing they must wear a mask. These sides always conflict each other to create strained situations performed through singing and dancing art. Therefore, this kind of stage has to use musical instruments which can express effectively the conflicts - wind instruments and percussion as mentioned above.

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