Orchestra of the Cham ethnic group in Ninh Thuan province

Saturday, July 19, 2014 7:18:12 PM

Xaranai Oboe, Ka Nhi fiddle, slapping drum Paranung and slapping and beating drum Ghi Nang are very popular musical instruments of the Cham ethnic group in Ninh Thuan province. They are sometimes used separately to accompany ceremonial singing and ordinary singing. Sometimes, they are combined into an orchestra to perform in the annual great ceremonies. In such utilization, the orchestra showed clearly its importance in festival, such as taking part in the process of ceremony, accompanying singing, ritual dance, and participating in festival games.

If someone wants to play musical instruments of the Cham ethnic group, it will take him/her many years to practise hard because of its highly professional characteristics. When he/she is accepted to be skilled player, he/she is named specially, like Mr. Du (person playing a wind instrument), Mr. Mutuon (person drumming Paranung), Mr. Toong (person drumming Ghi nang).

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